Friday, March 23, 2012


My sister walks into the bathroom and catches me in front of the mirror, holding in my left hand a trophy that I once won for something not remotely related to acting, and a round hairbrush in my right, which is my serving as my makeshift mic.

She: Whatcha doing?

Me: Practising my acceptance speech.

She: What acceptance speech?

Me: I don't know. Just generally, you know. In case I win an award. Practising what I would say.

She: An award for what?

Me: An Oscar, an Emmy, a Golden Globe, Filmfare. I dunno.

She: Are you nominated?


She: Have you even acted in anything?

Me: Do the plays I acted in when I was in college count?

She: There's no milk in the fridge and your plants have all died because you've forgotten to water them.*eye roll* And you're my role model? Mom wants me to be more like you? *snort*


Life Unordinary said...

why dinkydoo? :)

Diana Swing said...

It's a nickname-related thing actually. And some part of me is still hanging on to my childhood, and loves the sound of it when I say it.

Just stumbled across your blog recently, BTW. I like. Going to keep coming back and checking up on what's going on with you...