Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Diwali, and pass the parcel!

Ahhhhh! Diwali's here! The mood is festive and there's a chill in the air, announcing the advent of winter, which is just around the corner. I love passing the shops where they sell the colourful lamps, all strung up like in Fairyland. The colourful 'rangolis', the deep-orange marigold flowers, the multi-hued clothes, the noisy firecrackers, the simple yet infinitely beautiful 'diyas', and the excitement and hustle-bustle in the shopping areas and malls.

In this season, the exchanging of sweets and gifts with friends and well-wishers is an area which requires the skill and finesse that is required, say, to steal the Kohinoor diamond, not to mention superior expertise in the recycling of resources. So, as a result, Mr. Sharma gets the box of sweets given to you by the Agarwal family. The elaborately-packaged box of dry fruits received from Mr. Deshpande finds a place in Mr.Patel's house. The Kapoors are the lucky recipients of ‘something’ you got from the Krishnans (don't know what since you didn't even open the wrapping).Get hold of a pen and paper if possible, because a flow-chart needs to be drawn here. One little lapse of concentration on your part can make this passing-the-parcel operation very hard to accept for the Nandys, who ended up getting the Haldiram's Festival Gift Pack from you today --yes, the very same one that they had gifted to the Patels. :-)