Friday, February 03, 2012


I know it is. Staying away for so long. But pardon me, for here I am once again.

I wanted to write about something funny. Some amusing anecdote, some humorous incident, where I could pretend that life happens in Emmy Award-winning, comedic, half-hour slots. But who would I be fooling? Mostly, just myself. Everyone can continue living in the State of  Maharashtra, or the State of Missouri, or wherever they live. I'd just rather continue living in the State of Denial. Everything here is just better, brighter, happier. People are nicer, and things actually turn out the way you want them to.

Yes, yes, I believe in the power of positive thinking too, but sometimes, I just don't feel like being Robin Sharma and Mother Teresa rolled into one. Reality is, life really IS a b***h sometimes. The person you trust the most is really sometimes the one who cuts you the deepest.

The things we contend with! Broken hearts, failed relationships, the time we've lost, The One that got away, friendships that didn't survive despite our best efforts, ageing parents and their ailments, sick parents, dead parents. The gut-wrenching existential dilemma-what are we here for anyway? Have we been good people? Have we done enough with our lives? Have we laughed enough, lived enough? Will we ever get a chance to right the wrongs we've done? Make amends for our mistakes? Say the things we've never said? Have the chance (or the courage) to admit to someone that we love them? Admit that we are WRONG sometimes (yes, infallible US)? With age, will patience come, or the desire to stand and fight for a relationship instead of walking away, because our ego must always win? Will we learn to look past people's flaws? Will we bring our children up well, or will they desert us in our old age, and leave us lonely and desolate?

I agree that life is sometimes hilariously funny, and how we wish it were like that more often! But it's also alarmingly real, which is why when I set out to write something funny today, I wrote this instead. Like the funny lady said, life is not all ha-ha, hee-hee.


Aditya said...

Well written. ...y is der no LIKE and Share button....

Dinx said...

I dunno...Probably because I didn't think that there wouldn't be so much liking and caring and sharing...hahaha. I'll look into it right away, sir! *salutes*

Dinx said...

'Share' is in the upper left hand corner of the page, and 'Like' is once it's posted to fb, I guess!