Monday, June 20, 2011

Those schoolgirl days (of telling tales and biting nails are gone...)

I was in the 9th grade, I think, when puberty really kicked in and everyone went haywire. The girls wanted to be noticed, so they tried to get away with the shortest skirts and the smallest socks to give the illusion of the longest legs. I knew this guy who actually tied a small mirror to his shoelaces to try and look up girls' skirts. I can tell you, THAT did not go down very well. But my point is, at least boys and girls were just being themselves and doing what their hormones dictated. The thrill was in trying to see what you could get away with. And nowadays, well, things are different, to say the least. This is a billboard I see on my way to work everyday -

It seems to just scream, 'Send your daughters to us and we'll turn them into just what you've always dreamed of for them--Deepal Shaw wannabes.'

All I know is that if I'd worn a short skirt and stockings to school, the principal would've probably ordered me to be hanged until death, with my own stockings, from the school's clock-tower.
I can just picture the mothers of teenage boys lining up to get their sons into this school. Yeah.


Somisra said...

I love to read ur blogs... i laugh, i cry but most of all i nod & nod & nod a yes with each sentance of yours.

Dinx said...

Thanks for your appreciation. It's good to know you're reading and that you identify with what I've written. Whenever I publish my book, I'm going to send you one of the first signed copies. Fingers crossed! ;-)